Maxi Rivera Oral History Interview


Maxi Rivera Oral History Interview


Maximino Rivera, 68 years old at the time of the interview, was an immigrant to New York City from Puerto Rico at 13 years old. He discusses the sadness and shock he felt as an immigrant adjusting to a new place as a child, his dealings with corruption and abuse within the U.S. military while fighting in the Vietnam War, and how that inspired him to join the Puerto Rican Socialist Party after his return to the U.S. Particular detail is also given to his extensive involvement in grassroots social justice organizations in the 1970’s-1980’s such as Hostos
Community and Pueblo en Marcha. He discusses his fight for housing justice and dealings with many specific politicians and organizations in his ongoing fight for social justice.




Amy Starecheski


Maximino Rivera



“Maxi Rivera Oral History Interview,” Mott Haven Oral History Archive, accessed January 18, 2020,

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