History Keepers visit the Bronx County Historical Society

On January 19, 2024 we gathered for our second monthly meeting (with Onye Zooming in from Nigeria). Pastor Crespo led us on a tour of the Bronx County Historical Society, from the microfilm machine (new to most of us!)

to the files of photos and clippings organized by subject

to the special collections, including materials from the Esperanza Martell collection and original copies of Palante, the newspaper of the Young Lords

Pastor gave us a presentation on how to take care of archives in your home, from pest control to creating a “realistic preservation climate” – doing the best you can with your actual resources. Each history keeper got a starter kit of acid free sleeves, paper, and folders.

We shared a meal of alcapurrias and pastelillos, and closed with a private tour of the Museum of Bronx History.