Les-lie Lopez

Les-lie Lopez is a visual artist from the South Bronx. Lopez delves into the communities they were born into, The BX and MX culture. Through the lens of iconographies between the two worlds, there is evidence of complex relationships, intricate morals, and cultural values that you can see in Lopez’s work and artistic practice. Currently their focus is in oil painting and film photography. Lopez’s works aim to question what happens in the intersection between these identities. In 2021, Lopez obtained their BFA in Studio Art from New York University as a Higher Education Opportunity Program student. Lopez is currently an Outreach and Marketing specialist at a Bronx based non-profit , and proudly serves as a poll worker for the BOE in The Bronx. As a Bronx History Keeper, Lopez is determined to articulate methods of art making as a tool to make sense of oral histories from fellow poll workers, Prospect Avenue nightlife, and St. Mary’s Park’s unique past. Lopez is passionate about building an accessible path to the Mott Haven history for the current and next generation of Bronxites.